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Aerospace & Military

The Air Doctor Breathing Air & Humidity Control/Cooling Systems were used for the C130 Fleet ESF upgrade. The Breathing Air Purifier which meets and exceeds world standards is used to supply full face respirators during Fuel tank entry. The Air Doctor also supplied Cool & Dry air from a Humidity Control Unit via a splitter box to supply six portal tank entry points on the C130 aircraft wing. This provided a safe & cool environment during confined space entry. It can be used to speed up the venting process to remove fuel vapour in wing cavities or can be used for curing sealing product & for corrosion control.

By providing the right environment for any tank entry work this can only increase productivity and get the job done quicker. There will be significant cost savings on aircraft maintenance. 

The Air Doctor also offers the Rapid Dry System to protect Air wave Guide and Avionics Systems from moisture contamination. This drying system can achieve dryness less than 1ppm moisture content. This is an extremely dry environment and for a small investment you can save or protect millions of dollars worth of equipment from premature failure or unserviceability.

Shipping & Naval

The Air Doctor has developed the Rapid Dry System to protect valuable equipment & cargo.  The Air Wave Guide Drying & Fuel Drying Systems are a must for the shipping industry. A small investment in Rapid dry is an insurance to protect your valuable goods.  Rapid dry systems are used to purge dry CAS/STIR Radar systems on HMAS Naval Frigates whilst in dry dock or on deployment.

The Air Doctor has the ability to test, certify & sign off these types of systems with ISO 9001:2000 accreditation.  Fuel Dry is another system developed by The Air Doctor which is designed to lower moisture content in fuel storage facilities and fuel tanks. It prevents rust and stops water build up. It can also maintain dry air in the internal cavity space of double hull ships therefore preventing rust.

Petroleum Industries

The Rapid Dry System is more effective than steam heat drying of chemical suits on site. The Air Doctor has developed the Zoot suit drying system at low cost without using conventional steam heat drying method.  It is more effective with quicker drying time and less energy used to achieve the desired result. The Rapid Dry System is also used for drying Reactor shell and tube bundle heat exchangers, this is another innovation development by The Air Doctor.  A shell and tube bundle can be dried very quickly and tested using a dew point meter to check moisture content after the drying process.

The Air Doctor Breathing Air Compressor Systems manufacture medical grade air for operators conducting confined space entry on site.  The Air Doctor produces & supplies continuous air quality (24/7) producing no down time, this is more efficient than using traditional high pressure cylinder supply with cost savings up to 70%.


The Air Doctor Oil Dry 2000 was introduced to Energy Australia to stabilise the moisture content in their Transformer Oil bulk storage facility. The Air Doctor achieved unique results by providing an application that consistently stabilised moisture content to less than 1ppm. The Air Doctor can increase the life expectancy of transformer oil and decrease the instances of carbonising which causes oil breakdown and loss of dielectric strength and transformer fires.
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