TAD4900 Portable Air Conditioning Unit

Model    TAD4900

Cage Code: Z8364

NSN: 4120-66-154-1845

The TAD4900 cooling unit is intended to be used as a ‘spot’ cooler to lower temperatures in aircraft fuel tanks and other confined spaces and to aid in the circulation of the air. Cooling these areas increases the comfort levels whilst working in these areas and increases productivity and efficiency. The TAD4900 currently has approval for use on RAAF C-130 H and J models.

The equipment should be operated 50ft/15m away from aircraft outside the safety zone when there is a hazardous area present.


  • The unit is a 240V AC supplied unit which can also be powered from portable generators if required.
  • The cooling capacity of 16,900 BTU/h (4,250 kcal/h). This cooling capacity is sufficient for its intended use a ‘spot’ cooler.
  • Can be operated in fan mode to provide circulating air only.
  • Fitted with 4 wheels and can be steered easily into position. The two rear wheels are lockable.
  • Weight of the unit is 86kg and is easily lifted by two persons.
  • Two flexible air outlets are installed for distribution of air from unit. The outlets can also be modified and fitted with J-Slot adaptors as shown below. Flexible anti static hoses can be fitted to the outlets.
  • Condensate tank in rear of unit for collecting water. Tank is easily removed and drained by users when required. A warning will appear on display when tank requires emptying. The unit will shut down if the tank approaches full.
  • Evaporator filter for filtering input air. Easily removed and cleaned. Can be vacuumed to clean contaminants.
  • Simple digital control panel that is easy to use. Includes timer for automatic interval and shutdown programming. Also includes error signal alerts.
  • Measurements - 490mm x 590mm x 1,134mm high.
  • Unit is classified as Class 1 Zone 2 electrical equipment suitable for use in hazardous areas.
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