TAD SealVac Fuel Drain System

 Revolutionary Totally-Sealed Aircraft Bottom-Draining Technology

  • Prevents human contact with fuel
  • Eliminates fuel spills
  • Faster aircraft turnaround
  • Attaches to most aircraft
  • Reduces personnel requirements
  • Prevents overfilling with automatic failsafe shutoff system
  • Optimises ease of depuddling
  • Prevents free-falling of fuel
  • Drains up to four aircraft fuel cells simultaneously
  • Durable steel construction
  • Easy maintenance
  • Low operating cost
  • Compressed Air Requirements:
    • 60CFM at 100PSIG or 30L/sec at 700kPa
    • If Venting Kit is utilised total air consumption becomes:
      • 120CFM at 100PSIG or 60L/sec at 700kPa 


One SealVac Standard Drain Tool Assembly (fits most standard applications) including the following:

  • One SealVac Standard Suction Plate with vacuum line and quick disconnect.
  • One SealVac Fuel Probe with 36” pigtail, transparent FuelFlow viewing section and dry quick disconnect.
  • One shielded duplex 35’ static dissipating hose assembly with transparent FuelFlow viewing section and two dry quick disconnects.
  • One SealVac Dual-Disk Drain Tool Assembly (fits most standard applications as well as C17 aircraft).  Includes:
  • One SealVac Dual-disk Suction Plate with vacuum line and quick disconnect.
  • One SealVac Fuel Probe as described above.
  • One shielded duplex 35’ hose assembly as described above.
  • One primary Venturi Vacuum Generator for fuel evacuation.  Up to four SealVac Drain Tool Assemblies can be drained simultaneously.
  • Two secondary Venturi Vacuum Generators which can simultaneously adhere up to four SealVac Suction Plates to aircraft fuel cells.
  • One failsafe AutoVac shutoff mechanism. Prevents overfilling of defueler.
  • One 25’, ¾” static dissipating flexible depuddling hose.
  • One 16” Telescoping Funnel for gravity draining.
  • One easily accessible sediment chamber to collect FOD.
  • Accessory kit with an assortment of poppet drain valve actuator pins, vacuum gel for airtight seals and tools.
  • Available in 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 1000 gallon models for your individual needs.
  • Additional SealVac Drain Tool Assemblies.
  • Side mounted Storage Unit.  Up to two per defueler. For safe storage of SealVac Drain Tool Assemblies, accessory kit, depuddling hose and tools.
  • One remote Drain Funnel for low profile drain valves inaccessible to SealVac Drain Tool Assembly. For use with 50’, 1 ¼” static dissipating vacuum hose only.

Retractable Hose Reelers

The SealVac unit can be fitted with retractable fuel and vacuum hose reelers for a compact and secure hose storage solution. These reelers are designed for heavy duty use and to provide protection for the hoses while not in use. The reelers house the duplex vacuum hoses for the fuel and adaptor plates. There is also a fifth reel for the air inlet hose. The air inlet reeler has spring loaded return for ease of use, for safety reasons the fuel reelers are a manual return reeler with a manual lockout screw. The reels should be locked when the unit is in operation, being towed or left unattended .The reelers are mounted on open toolboxes that house pelican cases containing the adaptor plates and the accessories kits. To prevent the items getting lost these pelican cases should be checked into a toolstore when the SealVac is not in use.

To be used in conjunction with the Octopus Dribble Drain Interface Plate

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