Mobile Compressor / Breathing Air Purifier

For Deployment/Local Use

Model    M43TAD2015BAM Version 2

Cage Code: Z8364

NSN: 4460-66-159-5663


TAD M43 V2


The M43 Mobile Compressor/Air Purifier unit is a mobile deployable unit that can be used to supply breathing air during fuel tank entry requirements on the flight line and at away bases.

The supply from the Breathing Air Purifying module connected to the mobile compressor is fitted with an aftercooler designed to cool the breathing air. The purifiers are designed to remove common contaminants, oil, water, odour, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide to levels below the limits set in AS/NZS 1715:2009.

Filtration on the auxiliary outlets are designed to supply Dry instrument air for drying or spray air or high flow supply air for the TAD Sealvac or Fuel Tank Ventilation systems. This air can be used as an alternate for many nitrogen application i.e. Air wave guide drying.


TAD M43 V2 TAD M43 V2


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