Rhine Air Fuel Tank Ventilation Systems


Ground Support Equipment For Aircraft Fuel Systems Inspection and Maintenance Operations. Fuel Tank Ventilation And Supplied Air Respiratory Protection Equipment.

MAV-1C allows for a faster turnaround time as it takes less time to ventilate the tanks, and it provides a higher level of safety because it vents the fuel vapors away from the aircraft. The system and can be purchased or hired from The Air Doctor.

Ventilating, inspecting and repairing aircraft fuel tanks is a necessary job, but it’s one that needs extra precautions.  The tanks by nature are confined spaces that are filled with toxic chemicals with no fresh air. The Rhine Air venting system supplied by The Air Doctor has tackled the industry problem with its mobile fuel tank ventilation system, the MAV-1C.  The portable system can ventilate one or multiple tanks at once, and it can be used on anything that flies, from helicopters to huge military transports.

All of the equipment comes in waterproof container so technicians can easily move equipment from aircraft to aircraft, with speedy set up, which makes it great for commercial and military aircraft.  It runs off compressed air so it can be used virtually anywhere.  This feature is particularly important because technicians won’t encounter problems with different electrical power voltages in different countries.

The system includes pneumaticly driven air movers, static bonding cable assembly, compressed air hose assembly, air filter adapter and statically conductive ducting with quick disconnect ends. The durable ventilator has no moving parts so it can be used indefinitely.

The Air Doctor also supplies respiratory protection systems to compliment the MAV-1C.  The Air Doctor has the M43 TAD2015BAM designed to supply Breathing Air inside the Fuel Tank.  All pneumatically operated it is classified for all hazardous zones. The Air Doctor has designed the Breathing Air M43TAD2015BAM compressor for deployment. It is designed to supply Breathing Air, Medical Air, Dry Instant Air and Filtered Air to operate The Rhine Air Ventilation and Dribble Drain carts.

Kits Available for:

  • C-130
  • C-17
  • P3
  • F 18

Download MAV-1 Deployment Brochure

Download MAV-2 Deployment Brochure

Download MAV-1 DAK C-130 Brochure





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