TADDDPHT Octopus Dribble Drain Interface Plate 

Model    TAD DDPHT

Cage Code: Z8364

NSN: 1680-66-155-9355

Patent Pending


Equipment Description

The TAD suction plate consists of six fuel resistant rubber suction pads connected to a central disk by adjustable legs. The legs are connected to the disk with quick release captive wing-nut fasteners.

The Seal Vac fuel sump drain probe fits through the centre of the disc. Cut outs in the disk allow the probe to be locked in place using the pins on the probe. The drain hose to the Seal Vac tank connects to the drain probe. A rubber seal in the centre of the disc seals around the lower skin surrounding the sump drain.

Equipment Operation

The suction pads are adjusted so that each pad has an even surface to seal against. Suction is supplied to 6 suction pads through the clear hose shown in the figure below. The hose is normally fitted with a male air fitting that connects to the Sealvac suction hose. Suction is supplied to this hose from the Sealvac vacuum generator secondary vacuum line on the tank trailer.

Once the suction plate and probe are positioned correctly the secondary vacuum is applied to the vacuum pads by sliding the shuttle valve. The primary vacuum is then applied to start the dribble drain process and fuel can be seen flowing through the clear portion of the primary drain line.

A check valve is installed in the vacuum hose. If suction is lost in the supply line the check valve prevents loss of vacuum at the pads which prevents the suction plate falling off the underside of the tank. 

A slider shuttle valve controls vacuum air to the vacuum pad manifold. Five vacuum lines supply suction to the pads. The supply hose is anti static fuel resistant hose.


Interface PlateInterface Plate

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