Defence Applications


 Download The Air Doctor Product Deployment Brochures 

 Tick  Air Compressor – Breathing Purifier Systems for fuel tank entry    
 Tick  Compressed Breathing Air Purifier for Respiratory Life Support Systems  
 Tick  Compressed Air reticulation Systems for deep maintenance docking  
 Tick  Radar and Air Wave guide drying  
 Tick  Nitrogen and Dry Air Systems  
 Tick  Controlled atmosphere  
 Tick  Complete Air Quality Testing and Certification  
 Tick  Dehumidification for corrosion control/mothballing  

 Deployable Fuel Tank Repair and Rapid Dribble Drain Systems

 Tick  Aircraft Fuel Tank Ventilation Kits - Pneumatically Controlled  
 Tick  Dehumidification & Corrosion Control Systems  
 Tick  Mothballing Systems to Protect your Equipment  
 Tick  Fuel Drying Systems  
 Tick  Deployable Breathing Air Compressors  
 Tick  Deployable Breathing Air Purifier - NBC Systems available  
 Tick  Deployable Breathing Air Systems for Field Hospitals  
 Tick  Confined Space Entry Humidity and Temperature Control Systems  
 Tick  Nitrogen Generator Systems  
 Tick The Air Doctor Design and Custom build for your specific application also providing training and certification.  

 The Air Doctor Holds Cage Code No. Z8364 and is a Defence Approved Supplier



Mobile Compressor
Model: M43TAD2015BAM Version 2
Breathing Air Purifier-Deployment Approved

NSN: 4460 - 66 -159-5663

Cage Code: Z8364


Fuel Drain System for Rapid Defuelling

Model: TADSVU416


NSN: 2330-01-531-3494

Cage Code: Z8364




Deployment Breathing Air Compressor/Purifier

Model: TAD2012/K17AC


NSN- 4460-66-151-5272

Cage Code: Z8364



Deployment Breathing Air Purifier

Model: TAD2015BAM



Cage Code: Z8364



Aircraft Fuel Tank Ventilating
& Accessory kits

Model: TADMAV1


Available for all aircrafts including:
P3, C17, B737, F18, C130


Explosion Proof Electric Air Blower

Model: TAD AEI240VAC


Cage Code: Z8364


TAD AEI240VAC explosion proof air blower 
Portable Air Conditioner

Model:  TAD4900COOLER


NSN: 4120-66-154-1845

Cage Code: Z8364


Portable Nitrogen Generator



Portable Nitrogen Generators for Aircraft Strut and Tyre Inflation 



TAD Nitrgen Generator
Humidity &
Temperature Control Unit

Model: TAD1000HCU


For Confined Space Entry and Corrosion Control
NSN: 4120-66-154-5655

Cage Code: Z8364




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