Dehumidification & Corrosion Control

The Air Doctor will assess each Drying application and offer the best solution. We can Design, Build and Supply the equipment for purchase or rent. The Air Doctor can also provide maintenance services to complete all your drying requirements.

The Rapid Dry System is designed to supply Critical dry air for the many applications below:

  • Diesel Fuel Drying
  • Transformer Oil Drying for Energy Australia – 7 years in operation
  • Drying internal pipelines with 100% surface Condensation
  • Drying Storage tanks with 100% surface condensation
  • Drying for preservation and maintenance of rust free mild steel after abrasive blasting and cleaning.
  • Total corrosion control 100 %
  • Preservation of Aircraft engines and components
  • Submersible Electrical pump drying whilst in operation – Blue Scope 2 years operation
  • Aircraft fuel tank drying to less than 10ppm moisture content  or 0.011% Relative humidity
  • CAS and STIR Air wave guide drying for Navy and Air force Weapons Systems
  • Controlled Dry Atmosphere Enclosures.
  • Mothballing Aircraft
  • Dry air systems for Explosive ordinance


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