TAD CO-01 Personal Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector

TAD CO-01 carbon monoxide

You should never compromise on safety. The new improved TAD CO-01 has three visual alarm windows for increased worker safety. 

The TAD CO-01 personal Carbon Monoxide gas monitor is perfect for abrasive blasting and spray painting operations where an air fed hood is used to supply breathing air to personnel. The new Safe Work Australia Codes of Practice state that where an air fed hood or helmet is used an alarm must be provided to detect and log the incidences of Carbon Monoxide. Please refer to our Breathing Air products and services for more information on our breathing air packages for spray painting and abrasive blasting.

Even better, each alarm window comes standard with both high visibility yellow and red alarm LEDs. In a warning condition, the yellow lights will flash and the lights in all three windows will chase. In a danger condition, the red LEDs will flash and the lights in all three windows will chase. 

Plus, the improved TAD CO-01 has an audible alarm that is 10% louder than previous models! It has many alarm features, including an optional vibrating alarm and sound pattern and set points which are now fully user customizable.

Unit requires calibration on a regular basis using an approved calibration gas source. The unit will display the number of days till calibration is due on start-up.


  • Compact and rugged
  • IPX5/IPX7 rated protection against water ingress
  • Large backlit display
  • One button operation
  • Automatic event logger (20 events including sensor type, max, average, time and duration)
  • IRdA PC communication
  • Loud alarm
  • Top and front mounted bright LED
  • RFI immunity to 40 V/m
  • One button automatic calibration
  • Over-moulded boot
  • Replaceable lithium battery - 9000 hrs of operation
  • Readouts include – Current, max, STEL and TWA gas readings; Time
  • Alarms include – Low, high, STEL and TWA audible visual vibrating alarm


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