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Air Doctor Breathing Air Purifiers provide air 1,000,000 times cleaner than the air we normally breathe. Increased realisation that many working environments are hazardous to employees health has led employers to seek efficient and effective respiratory protection for their workers placed 'at-risk'. Respiratory protection is not only essential to the health and comfort of employees, it subsequently improves performance and ultimately productivity. Guaranteed 24/7 operation with no requirement for logistics of cylinder air. This is very cost effective with savings of up to 80% compared to cylinder rental and logistics. 


The use of compressed air as a source of breathable air in industry for hazardous and toxic environments is well established, being readily available and relatively cheap to produce. The Air Doctor Breathing Air Purifiers are designed to supply safe breathing air in hazardous and toxic environments

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Breathing Air Purification for Petro Chem Military and Pharmaceutical

  • Portable Breathing Air System
  • Breathing Air Systems for Commercial and Industrial Use
  • Dew Point Measuring and Testing
  • Complete Air Quality Testing and Certification
Deployable Mobile Compressor
Model: M43TAD2015BAM Version 2
Breathing Air Purifier-Deployment Approved

NSN: 4460 - 66 -159-5663

Cage Code: Z8364




Deployment Breathing Air Purifier

Model: TAD2015BAM



Cage Code: Z8364



Deployment Breathing Air Compressor/Purifier

Model: TAD2012/K17AC


NSN- 4460-66-151-5272

Cage Code: Z8364





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